Generate your gs1 approved ean-13 barcode symbol here, upon registering as a gs1 member with gs1 malaysia!

Unsure as to what barcode symbol to use for your product? Register with GS1 Malaysia here and create the barcode here

Want to show your trading partners your product information? Want to assure them your barcodes are recognized by leading retailers? Register with GS1 Malaysia today. list your products with them, and see the appear at their Product Search Portal .

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Companies that are trading in the online and offline marketplace should be registered with GS1 Malaysia.

GD1 code also offers a premium service whereby clients can have the option to market the product with their own personal Mobile App. This is a paid service, please contact GD1 code for further details. 

GD1code maintains this website to give Malaysian SMEs the ability to easily manage their online presence, ensure product information accuracy as well as a way to easily generate barcode symbols for your products. 

All the barcode symbols generated here as GS1-compliant; GD1code is a Strategic Alliance Partner of GS1 Malaysia.

Register with GD1code to list your products with your service for free.

Premium service

GD1code offers a premium service to clients that have products registered with us. Clients can have the option to market the product with GD1code designed personal Mobile App and also a companion website listing.

The Mobile eCommerce App will be personalised under the client’s preferred name. Product displayed at the eCommerce site will show its authenticity if registered with GS1 Malaysia.

Consumer can make purchase on the Mobile App with direct payment to the client’s bank account.

For Further details, please contact


This website is created by GD Innovations Sdn Bhd, a GS1 Malaysia Strategic Alliance Partner.

We are a Food Traceability Expert exploring new innovative ways to allow the consumers to explore the food prints of the product consume with collaboration on trusted product data sources such as the GS1 Malaysia product databank.

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